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    Looking to redesign? Whether you want to makeover just one room, or your entire home, you’ll definitely want to take a look at these six interior design blogs. These successful bloggers are proof that you don’t have to go broke redesigning your home. Check them out! 6 Interior Design Blogs To Inspire Your Next Project: 1. For Changes Big and Small, Amber Interiors Run by Amber Lewis, Amber Interiors blog is a great place to find extraordinary ideas for anything from simple makeovers to full blown remodeling of your whole house. Those ideas tend to be quite modern, but still have a slightly rustic, bohemian feel to it. This shouldn't come as much of a surprise, since Amber Interiors studio is in the heart of Los Angeles, California. In addition to great designs, you'll run into some unbelievable before/after stories, as well as some trend scouting with real value. This is exactly why you should check it out. 2. Your Lifestyle and Design Destination, Designlovefest Founded and written by Bri Emery, Designlovefest is another L.A. based blog, that later turned into an interior design studio. With bright colors and sometimes quite unexpected solutions, the designs found on this blog are just perfect for Pinterest. Even though this interior design blog labels itself as a lifestyle blog, it has easily made it to the very top of this list, simply because it was too good not to do so. 3. Interior Design Blog With An Urban Feel, Coco Kelley Founded by Cassandra Lavalle, Coco Kelley is an interior design blog that works together with The Emerald Studio, located in Seattle, Washington. It is a great read (and look, too!) for new interior trends, and often creating some as well. The feel of most of the designs on here is urban, with a high level of sophistication.  This blog has a unique blend of style that is bound to leave you breathless. 4. The DIY Haven, Paper & Stitch Editor and founder of Paper & Stitch, Brittni Mehlhoff writes about DIY, travel, food, fashion as well as home décor, and is based in Atlanta, Georgia. There is a considerable amount of useful, practical and easy to do tutorials. With so many options, you will find something to improve the visual feel and style of your home. Versatility is something that is surely considered important at Paper & Stitch. There is no shortage of different designs for every imaginable part of your home. 5. Chic Interior Design Tips, Lark & Linen Going to Toronto, Canada for this one, Lark & Linen’s creator Jacquelyn Clark has documented her incredible journey.  What started as a passion project to has grown into her own interior design business. Her inspiring drive should be enough to bookmark this blog ASAP. As an added bonus, subscribed members of this blog get some great insider advice about interior design, as well as monthly reader q&a from Jacquelyn herself. 6. A Marriage Between Food and Design, EyeSwoon We couldn’t round off this list without a single entry from NYC – after all, we are talking about style and fashion here. EyeSwoon by Athena Calderone is a perfect blog for any fashion, food, lifestyle or entertaining ideas you may require. This blog provides a special focus on food related ideas such as tabletop settings or some recipes worthy of Instagram. The style of the blog is rather mixed, with some unexpected, but wonderfully executed ideas and even contradicting styles that still somehow manage to look just perfect. These are just a few interior design blogs that you can check out for some inspirational ideas to kick off your home makeover. Happy decorating!

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    Anyone who’s looking for a job would agree that it is a hard process. You may have all the qualifications, but in the end, things just don’t work out. That’s why it’s important to make sure you avoid committing these common resume mistakes. Having the Incorrect Resume Format Basically, there are three resume formats that you should choose from: chronological, functional and hybrid. Chronological: The chronological is best known and easiest to write, a timeline style resume. This format works well if your objective is to remain in the same industry or occupation. Functional: The functional resume places transferable skills and accomplishments at the beginning of your resume. However, a poorly crafted functional resume can be confusing, causing the reader to believe the candidate has something to hide. Hybrid: The hybrid resume combines the best features of other resumes. It showcases skills and accomplishments while maintaining ease of reading. This is the best format for job seekers of all level, but it is also the most difficult to write, requiring thoughtful planning to identify the most critical transferable skills that will attract potential employer attention. Simply Listing Your Skills Without Considering the Job Any prospective employer will be interested to see how your skills and knowledge will help his company. For that reason, it is not enough to list all of the skills you have. Instead, match your skills with the vacancy requirements. Order them in a way that the most relevant are in the beginning of the resume. Rules for resume lengths have lightened up a bit. Experienced professionals can certainly extend to the second page if necessary, but entry level candidates should limit themselves to one page. Not Having a Marketing Strategy for the Job Think of your resume as marketing material designed to create a powerful first impression and win a multitude of job interviews. A resume coach can help you translate your career history into an effective marketing piece by selling toward the reader's buying motives: solving problems, saving money, or increasing profits. Having a Resume That's Too Wordy Resumes are unique documents. They are meant to present a clear snapshot of your unique skills and experience. Every word should be chosen wisely. Mean what you say and say what you mean! In a resume, it's OK to break grammatical rules for pronouns and articles. This is no place for "I, me, my" and you're actually expected to exclude extraneous words. Save your philosophies and anecdotes for the interview. Spelling, Grammar & Punctuation Mistakes Of Course This should be a no-brainer, but avoiding spelling mistakes goes beyond using your spell checker. I recently saw a resume for an established professional in the hospitality industry who misspelled guests four times in the body of the cover letter. The spell check didn't pick it up because he used the word "quests" instead of "guests". He also indicated that he possesses high attention to detail. For a potential employer, the misspelling of guests speaks volumes! What is says is that you don't really pay attention to the details, even though you said you do. What else might you be misrepresenting? Another common mistake is extreme capitalization. Use traditional grammar rules for capitalization - consult a style guide if necessary. While you may think capitalization is an effective method for calling attention to certain words or topics, it can actually be very distracting for a reader since it's counter-intuitive to learned rules of our language. Recruiters review hundreds of resumes each week. Your resume only has about 15 seconds to grab their attention. The Hemingway App can help keep yours on top of the pile. Visit You may discover errors that you missed a few hours before and make the appropriate corrections.

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    Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt like a zombie come 2 o’clock. Like many others, you’re most likely a victim of the afternoon crash. It’s around this time that the average employee feels the urge to take a nap. But work still needs to get done! So what should you do? Fight the afternoon crash with these helpful tips. Conquer the Afternoon Crash By Being More Active A great way to overcome the afternoon crash is to do some form of physical activity in the morning. Anything that gets your heart pumping will allow your body to release endorphins, which can actually help prevent afternoon fatigue. If you can't workout in the morning, or in the afternoon, consider making your commute more active. Instead of taking a bus, try walking a few blocks or consider biking to work instead. Listen, taking care of your body will immediately help balance your energy levels. So why not give it a try? Regulating Your Sleep is Another Important Factor If you're snoozing off in the office, it's probably because you didn't get your 8 hours the night before. A good night's rest does many wonders for your body, you wouldn't believe it. Adequate sleep can help increase your life span and prevent heart diseases. But beyond just that, it can also put you in a great mood. Inadequate sleep can cause sluggishness or make you feel tired most of the time.  Make sure you take quality sleep and create a schedule which will help you stick to it. Avoid drinking coffee, or anything caffeinated 4 hours before bed. Also, turn your phone off an hour before bed, as bright lights can throw off your internal clock. Change Your Eating Habits to Stay Energized A great way to prevent the afternoon crash is to fuel your body with the right foods. Coffee can only give you so much energy. Food is your main source of energy, and it will affect your body depending on what you eat. That's why it's really important to be careful with what you eat for breakfast and lunch. Stay away from greasy foods loaded with carbs, especially for lunch. Instead, gravitate to foods that are high fiber, high-protein, and if you want to eat carbs, go for complex carbs as these tend to break down with more ease. It's worth mentioning that your eating habits can change your moods or mental health. Eating a well-balanced diet will give your body all the fuel and energy it needs. And you'll feel good too! Take A Short Nap at Work for a Reboot This might seem counterintuitive, but trust me it works. Taking a short nap can give your brain the restart that it needs come the afternoon. Try taking a 5-minute nap in a quiet area with a sweater over your face. If there are no couches available, simply lay your head down at your desk and wear some headphones to drown out the background noise. Naps can increase alertness within minutes and even experts recommend them. However, avoid napping for too long, as this can make you feel worse than you did before. No Matter What, Stay Hydrated Throughout the Day Our bodies need water for them to work appropriately. Since water is used for digestion, excretion or even lubrication of our joints, we lose most of it through sweat or when frequenting the bathroom. One of the symptoms of dehydration is sleepiness, which is why some people feel fatigued during the day. Drink about 5 glasses per day or take fruit juices and you’ll feel more energized. Fuel Your Body and Eat Snacks Most people think that snacks add a lot of calories so they avoid taking them. However, healthy ones have a lot of nutrients that keep you fueled. Keep some nuts and dried fruit to eat whenever you feel like falling asleep. At all costs, avoid soda, sweets or chips to boost your energy. Not only are they unhealthy, they will make you feel more tired. Balance your snacks with healthy fats, carbohydrates, and proteins to increase your concentration as well. Stretch and Walk Around the Office When You Can Sitting at a desk all day will drain you, indefinitely. Avoid the afternoon crash by standing up and doing some light stretches. Physical activity can change the energy levels in our bodies so it's important to get up for at least five minutes to get your heart pumping and the blood flow moving. Move around within the office or go to your workmates instead of mailing them. You can also go to a quiet corner to practice some basic yoga poses. Stretching can relax your mind, release tension from your muscles, and boost your energy. Again, you don't have to break a sweat, but the key is to give your body a well-deserved break. Not only will this help you stay awake, but also research shows that regular physical activity can help prevent chronic diseases. Now Go Fight Off the Afternoon Crash Feeling tired from time to time is normal and some experts say that the peak periods are during the afternoon or wee hours. Apart from the tips above, breakfast has a role in energy maintenance and metabolism. Have a well-balanced breakfast to improve your memory, have good health, increase your concentration and conquer the afternoon crash.

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